February 2014: Alicia Rosello and Mike i Maikepresent "L’ Eusebi" at Meeatings23 gallery, an exhibition that pays tribute to one of the most emblematic figures of the Gràcia district in Barcelona.

Eusebi is a self-taught and self-proclaimed artist, who began his art practice after his retirement as a new way of survival. His work stems from the need to move on, from his genuine desire to connect with his surroundings and stay grounded in his neighbourhood. Thus, its purpose of his work is not virtuosity, but rather humour, complicity, and, finally, to make a living.

His strategy is based on improvisation and spontaneity, on anything goes. And it´s impossible to ignore the inherent innocence to his drawings, as well as his boldness . The immediacy in his work displays a fervent passion for pop culture in all its banal glory, but also more introspective and intimate themes. Thus, his work includes star portraits, as well as political and social topics and a vast array of self-portraits, which are always imbued with his resounding sense of humor. Eusebi´s drawings are a nexus, a perfect excuse to approach people. As such, they have always been accompanied by anecdotes and memories that have made this artist an icon of Gràcia neighborhood. The exhibition, which opens on January 30 at Meeatings23, aims to show the Eusebi´s legacy, while gathering those countless drawings that the local people and visitors have been collecting for more than a decade. An open invitation to explore Eusebi´s unique imagery.